Saturday, June 24, 2006

Schedule and Associated Notes

The schedule always seems to have some minor tweaking, so it's going to be posted here, hopefully with any changes updated as soon as possible.

We are different than most leagues, as we generally play all through the summer. Winter sessions are typically late Sunday evenings (9-9:30PM) start, while summer sessions are usually held during the week (usually starting between 7:30-9:15PM). Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Note abbreviations for rinks as follows:

RUT = Rutland, usually the eastern arena (the "new" rink)
CNC = Capital News Centre Rink in the Mission (Rink 1 has the fan stands, Rink 2, well, pretty much just a rink)

Any recently announced or possible impending changes will be noted immediately below:

  1. Nil at present
Please note that if you'd like to join us on a single session basis, you must contact one of us below to ensure that we have adequate space (unless you skated with us very recently and we gave you the "OK" for the next while).


Remaining 2010 Sessions under present schedule:
  • Thurs May 27: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 3: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 10: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 17: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 24: 9:30PM RUT


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