Friday, June 11, 2010

Chicago takes the cup

Well, you could really see it over the six games it took Chicago to win. They were probably 5% better most of the time, and with a similar effort, 5% better will win you a lot of series, including, in this case, the Cup. And so a new batch of men will have their names engraved on the toughest trophy to win in all of major professional sports. Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Well Thursday's game was the typical game, with white playing with the usual puck movement game, but this time it was more than matched by the skill of the dark players. Perhaps next time, eh fellas?

Another great time, at Hamburger Hockey Kelowna.

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Stanley Cup Playoffs

As I suggested, the Philly-Chicago series has been back and forth, with each of the three games won by only a single goal each, to date. The games themselves have been as tight as a nun's habit, with only once with one team leading by two goals.

I predict more of the same, but it's going to be a tough road for Philly to win the cup, being down 2 games to 1 so far.

Friday's game should be interesting, and exciting.

Jay Walker

Hamburger Hockey Kelowna

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Stanley Cup Prediction - The Hamburger Hockey Kelowna Report

Well, we are on the eve of the Cup starting. Virtually all the commentators and prognosticators think that it will be Chicago easily taking it over Philly.

Me - I'm not so sure. Philly has a large team, willing to use their size (unlike The Sharks) to their advantage. They have some pretty darn good talent up front - Briere, Gagne, Richards and Carter, and supplemented by a decent and gritty supporting cast. And don't forget that a couple of these players just came back from injury, so their playoff performance was hampered by a lack of those players.

While they aren't quite as deep in the back end as Chicago, they do have Pronger, the monster, who'll give Byfuglien more grief than he's had in any other series.

The wild card will be whether each teams respective goalie continues to put in a solid performance for their team. If one falls apart, then the series might be short. Having said that however, I don't believe that'll happen to either goalie. I think the series will pivot on factors other than goal-keeping.

All in all, I believe it'll be a see-saw battle, going six or possibly seven games. If it goes to seven, then I'll take Philly for the win.

Jay Walker - Hamburger Hockey Kelowna

May 27 2010 Hamburger Hockey Kelowna Report

Well, another well-played game by all last night. We had just eight skaters per side, so quick changes were the order of the day (well, not really, but hey, we're boomers).

Anyhow, no real amazing plays out there, but one goalie who shall remain unnamed, Chad, was a real sieve. He was however, suffering from an injury, and hey, we all enjoy the Crosby/Ovechkin like scoring that we think we do.

Give Denis a call if you aren't a regular and would like to come out next week.

(See the "Contact Us" link on the right.

That's all for today ...

Keep your stick on the ice.

Jay Walker

Hamburger Hockey Kelowna

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 20 2010 game

Well, we have had a number of players join us recently who haven't played with us long and seem to fit in pretty well.

I have to say that the best play of the night was when a rushing defenceman, moving in the offensive zone on a 2 on 1 got pinched off, by the defending defenceman, made a beautiful back pass to the centreman, who scored on the play.

Man, I looked like Bobby Orr ...

Hamburger Hockey Kelowna

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who we are

We are a group of casual hockey players in the Kelowna area, playing in (purportedly) one of North America's oldest informal hockey leagues (The Hamburger Hockey League). We have a long and storied history - for those interested, just ask Denis (head honcho) - but please, not within my earshot! I've suffered through the story enough times over the years.

This is a non-contact group of shinny players (i.e. not a true league, just come and play!), with the largest demographic currently in the 35-60 age group. However, we currently have several players in the 20-25 age group as well.

As far as skill level goes, we have had players who've only been playing/skating for a few years (speed wobblers), right up to some players were ex-Junior-B players, and some older former Junior A players.

We've also had a few women play with us over the years. (OK guys, no jokes!!)

We're always on the look-out for players, and we have a decided bias towards those who'd rather pass the puck and play a team game, than hot-dog, puck-hog, and showcase their own skills. If you think you might be interested in playing with us, please feel free to contact us.

(Denis - is that a picture from our skill development camp? Is that you? Just kidding!!) - Jay

Hamburger Hockey Kelowna

Fees / Costs

Our basic approach to determining whether players are suited to playing with us is based on a fairly complicated formula, but which essentially boils down to this: those that pay, may play.

Complex huh?

Currently, regular fees typically run about $15 per session (each session is 90 minutes long) for those favoring the "fully paid up-roster spot guaranteed" status for the typical 10 session period. So this is usually going to be between $150.

Those joining us on a casual basis (space permitting), will be asked to fork over $20 per session. Space may be limited/restricted.

I think that's it, anything else Denis? Denis? Denis!!

I think he's parked himself in front of the opposition net, waiting for that perfect pass (it might be some time in arriving Denis ...).

Rules, Courtesy and Etiquette

We essentially play by the rules of the "new" NHL (i.e. no hooking, no holding, no obstruction, no centre line for passing, etc.), with the added proviso that we are also a non-contact group. We further ban slap-shots, IF yours can travel over 60 Km/H.

For those interested in what constitutes an infraction, see the NHL rule book, here.

Normal hockey gear is to be worn, although many of our players do not wear upper body protection, given that this is a non-contact league. Helmets are a must, and visors are suggested (you only have just the two eyes, right?)

If you have an issue with a player, please go and speak (yes, speak), to him/her directly. Usually, you'll find it's a misunderstanding, or the other player will modify their behaviour, and/or you'll be informed that you may have been doing the same thing over the past while, and please also reform your own habits.

We are a self-referred/self-policed group (i.e. no ref) and, therefore, common courtesy is more important that absolute correctness.

Regarding ice time: remember that there's always someone waiting on the bench to get out there! If you're wondering if your shift is getting a little too long, well, then it probably is. Go take a rest!

Regarding water bottle use: BRING YOUR OWN! You might be an unaware carrier of meningitis, hepatitis (A, B, C, D, etc.) or some other nasty communicable disease. Besides, stop being so lazy - it's not my job to quench your thirst on the bench!

Anything else Denis? Denis? Denis! (I think he's still waiting for that perfect pass to arrive - perhaps next session Denis?).

Schedule and Associated Notes

The schedule always seems to have some minor tweaking, so it's going to be posted here, hopefully with any changes updated as soon as possible.

We are different than most leagues, as we generally play all through the summer. Winter sessions are typically late Sunday evenings (9-9:30PM) start, while summer sessions are usually held during the week (usually starting between 7:30-9:15PM). Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Note abbreviations for rinks as follows:

RUT = Rutland, usually the eastern arena (the "new" rink)
CNC = Capital News Centre Rink in the Mission (Rink 1 has the fan stands, Rink 2, well, pretty much just a rink)

Any recently announced or possible impending changes will be noted immediately below:

  1. Nil at present
Please note that if you'd like to join us on a single session basis, you must contact one of us below to ensure that we have adequate space (unless you skated with us very recently and we gave you the "OK" for the next while).


Remaining 2010 Sessions under present schedule:
  • Thurs May 27: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 3: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 10: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 17: 9:30PM RUT
  • Thurs Jun 24: 9:30PM RUT

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question?

No? Neither do we. But if you do, please send them to us, and we'll post them. In the meantime, I'm forced to make these up:

  1. Can I hook a player? NO!
  2. Can I hold a player? NO!
  3. Can I trip a player, "accidentally"? NO!
  4. Can I "face-wash" a player? NO!
  5. Can I give a player a good, old-fashioned, "noogie"? NO!

Ray, stop asking me all these questions! We've got to leave some space for the real ones!