Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rules, Courtesy and Etiquette

We essentially play by the rules of the "new" NHL (i.e. no hooking, no holding, no obstruction, no centre line for passing, etc.), with the added proviso that we are also a non-contact group. We further ban slap-shots, IF yours can travel over 60 Km/H.

For those interested in what constitutes an infraction, see the NHL rule book, here.

Normal hockey gear is to be worn, although many of our players do not wear upper body protection, given that this is a non-contact league. Helmets are a must, and visors are suggested (you only have just the two eyes, right?)

If you have an issue with a player, please go and speak (yes, speak), to him/her directly. Usually, you'll find it's a misunderstanding, or the other player will modify their behaviour, and/or you'll be informed that you may have been doing the same thing over the past while, and please also reform your own habits.

We are a self-referred/self-policed group (i.e. no ref) and, therefore, common courtesy is more important that absolute correctness.

Regarding ice time: remember that there's always someone waiting on the bench to get out there! If you're wondering if your shift is getting a little too long, well, then it probably is. Go take a rest!

Regarding water bottle use: BRING YOUR OWN! You might be an unaware carrier of meningitis, hepatitis (A, B, C, D, etc.) or some other nasty communicable disease. Besides, stop being so lazy - it's not my job to quench your thirst on the bench!

Anything else Denis? Denis? Denis! (I think he's still waiting for that perfect pass to arrive - perhaps next session Denis?).


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