Friday, May 28, 2010

Stanley Cup Prediction - The Hamburger Hockey Kelowna Report

Well, we are on the eve of the Cup starting. Virtually all the commentators and prognosticators think that it will be Chicago easily taking it over Philly.

Me - I'm not so sure. Philly has a large team, willing to use their size (unlike The Sharks) to their advantage. They have some pretty darn good talent up front - Briere, Gagne, Richards and Carter, and supplemented by a decent and gritty supporting cast. And don't forget that a couple of these players just came back from injury, so their playoff performance was hampered by a lack of those players.

While they aren't quite as deep in the back end as Chicago, they do have Pronger, the monster, who'll give Byfuglien more grief than he's had in any other series.

The wild card will be whether each teams respective goalie continues to put in a solid performance for their team. If one falls apart, then the series might be short. Having said that however, I don't believe that'll happen to either goalie. I think the series will pivot on factors other than goal-keeping.

All in all, I believe it'll be a see-saw battle, going six or possibly seven games. If it goes to seven, then I'll take Philly for the win.

Jay Walker - Hamburger Hockey Kelowna


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